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Project Hope Alliance

Who We Are

Homeless children have to defy unique odds in order to meet the standards of the classroom. The education program at Project Hope Alliance is committed to helping these students overcome the obstacles posing threat to their academic success. Focused on creating a positive learning experience, our programs seek to close the significant performance gaps separating homeless children from their housed peers. We hope to re-instill the value of education through improved student attendance and preparedness as well as enhanced confidence in the classroom. Throughout the last 25 years, this program has served thousands of children in the Orange County area. Our strategy is proven effective and is currently at work in 21 cities, 39 different schools, and in the lives of over 300 children.

Educational success is only a part of the solution. Project Hope Alliance has launched a related program to support families in obtaining secure and consistent housing. Our staff works to build a collaborative relationship with parents helping them to meet the immediate needs of their families while continually pursuing financial independence. Since the creation of this program, over 44 families representing about 113 children have been moved out of homelessness and into long-term housing. With an impressive success rate, housing stability efforts have victoriously confronted the most basic issue of homelessness; providing a home.

What We Do

Project Hope Alliance is committed to ending the cycle of homelessness, one child at a time. We aren’t just giving homeless children hope, we are giving them a basis for hope, through education, housing and by demonstrating in a real way that their futures are not limited by their parents’ economic circumstances.


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