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Community Action Partnership Of Orange County

Who We Are

The agency works with local community leaders to find solutions to poverty and hunger. We operate programs that helps the poor meet emergency needs, stabilize crisis and find ways out of poverty. To alleviate hunger and malnutrition, our OC Food Bank serves as a regional food bank to nearly 400 food pantries and food distribution organizations to bring more food to feed the hungry. To help low-income families thrive and build healthy communities, we operate two family resource centers in underserved areas. To help families rebuild their lives after abuse and crisis and move off welfare, our Community Partners program works with local faith-based groups and service organization to adopt needy families and provide needed goods and support services that help them rebuild their lives after abuse or leaving welfare. To help families avert energy crisis and to reduce energy burdens, we provide utility assistance and weatherization programs. To help the poor develop pathways out of poverty and build assets, we promote Food Stamps to reduce food insecurity and hunger, help them access Earned Income Tax Credits, develop job opportunities, provide financial literacy education to develop skills and knowledge to manage their limited resources and help them create savings.

What We Do

Community Action Partnership of Orange County believes that poverty represents a clear threat to the continued health and prosperity of Orange County. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life within Orange County by eliminating and preventing the causes and effects of poverty by mobilizing and directing resources to assist, educate and promote self-sufficiency. We work with community leaders to find solutions to community problems, change people's lives, embody the spirit of hope, improve communities and make Orange County a better place to live. We are dedicated to helping people help themselves and each other.

In 1965, local faith-based and community leaders worked with Orange County Supervisors to create  Community Action Partnership of Orange County in order to end hunger and poverty. Today, we continue to work with local leaders to find solutions and to work from within the community. We help low income families find the tools and knowledge to move out of poverty. We are strengthening families, alleviating hunger, conserving energy, building safe and healhty communities, educating youth, creating financial stability, and supporting senior independence. 


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